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I teach graduate and undergraduate courses on public opinion and survey research, statistics and data science, and public policy. Learn more about my courses below.

Govt 2169/Comm 2179 Survey Data in the Information Age (Spring 2020: Syllabus)

Govt/Comm 3189 Taking America’s Pulse: Creating and Conducting a National Survey (Syllabus)
Public opinion polls are everywhere. Media, blogs, businesses, non-profits, government, and researchers all use polls to learn about what people believe, what they want, how they feel, and why! In this course, students will design, conduct, and analyze an original national-level public opinion survey. All survey questions will be determined based on students’ research interests. With this survey, students will literally take America’s pulse, finding out what the public thinks on the topics that students want to know about. Students will learn a variety of skills in this class, such as survey design, interviewing techniques, experimental techniques, and survey data analysis. There are no prerequisites, but students who have taken Govt/Comm 2169 will receive priority when registering.

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Govt 4000 The Politics of Unequal Education: Spring 2014, Summer 2016 (Auburn Correctional Facility) (Syllabus)
Govt 6089 Time Series Analysis (Syllabus)
Govt 6029 Methods of Political Analysis II (Syllabus)
Govt 6461 Public Opinion (Syllabus)
Govt 3212 Public Opinion and Representation (Syllabus)
Govt 317 Campaigns and Elections (Syllabus)
Govt 100 Media, Public Opinion, and the War in Iraq (Syllabus)